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The Orthodontics Mentorship Program

This Mentorship Program is the CULMINATION of 37 years of teaching across Canada and the US.

Dr. Al Macdonald and I taught the course in 10 sessions over 2 years. Dr. Al ( still my best friend) decided to hang up his laser pointer and because I still have a passion for sharing orthodontic knowledge I decided to downsize the course and carry on in my home/cottage/office.

I just moved into this new custom-built home that has my office and a lecture facility on the lower level ( moved in March 2022).

I have put the essentials of all 10 sessions into 5 sessions at ½ the cost of the 10 sessions and made it an accelerated learning experience.

Please be aware this course is intense and you need to prepare to be for each session; but know this, I will teach you how to do COMPREHENSIVE ORTHODONTICS to serve both the children and adults in your practice