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Here are just a few of the comments left by past students for the CSW course.

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Tatiana´s Testimonial

Dr. Lauren Allen, DDS

“Dr. Bond has an incredible wealth of knowledge, a genuine love for dentistry and orthodontics and a passion for teaching. The Comprehensive Straight Wire and Functional Orthodontic Program is a unique and engaging learning opportunity in a small class setting at beautiful Lake Eugenia. All course content is provided in USB format to review before, during and after lectures. Dr. Bond always makes time to review cases – allowing you to learn not only from your personal cases, but also those of your colleagues.

Dr. Bond provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and support to start offering orthodontic care to my patients.

Highly recommended if you are looking to take your orthodontic skill to the next level!”

Dr. Sarah Trotter

“Great course. Just what I wanted, integrates orthodontics, cosmetics, Invisalign, better and improved practice management into your office. I am looking forward to attending the destination courses. The individual attention is incredible.”

Dr. Steven Malfair

“To answer your question, the thing I like most about ortho is that I can take a kid with horrible teeth and, with the patient and their parents watching, transform them into a great-looking kid. You must see the same thing. It really is very satisfying in that regard. And I get to watch the youngster grow up and mature and be proud and take care of their teeth. And all for the same fees that I would get if I were hunched over doing yet another MODBL on a molar that is probably going to need to be worked on again in five years! What’s not to like about it. And, really, Al and Rob give us such a good grounding, I feel super confident when I start on a case.”

Dr. Tom Vockeroth

“This course greatly enhanced m y d i a g n o s t i c skills with extensive presentations of various orthodontic analysis. This course gave me a comprehensive overview of the field of orthodontics, providing me with a wealth of information and a large library of reference material. This course helped develop my skill in early interceptive treatment and functional appliances”

Dr. Steve Linari


“Comprehensive Straight Wire is far and away the most comprehensive course I have ever taken. Dr. Bond and Dr. MacDonald are extremely conscientious, caring instructors and are very giving of their time. I have taken several multi-course orthodontic programs over the years, but nothing as thorough as this one.”

Dr. Dennis Moren

“Drs. Bond and Macdonald care that you succeed. You get individual attention. Extremely thorough. Dr. Macdonald and Dr. Bond go over cases in great detail diagnosing out what mechanics, steps, and thinking should be used at each appointment.”

Dr. Howard Kwan

“An absolutely great course which has enormously enhanced my understanding of not just orthodontics but dentistry in general. I really appreciate the passion to teach by Dr. Bond and Dr. Macdonald”

Dr. Glen McElroy

“Both Dr. Bond and Dr. Macdonald are extremely dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated about not only orthodontics but in teaching, being dentists – and living life. Their passion for orthodontics and quality dentistry is contagious – and this is apparent throughout the course series. They encourage a high and detailed understanding of patient dental principles – allowing the dentists in the course to reach their maximum potential. I was impressed with the content, amount, and quality of information presented – course material is up to date/current and supported by clinical studies/research. They have set the bar high – as this course is truly comprehensive – and I feel I will have difficulty finding another course to satisfy me equally. Thank -you Dr. Bond & Dr. Macdonald – I feel you have helped me become a better dentist!”

Dr. Leah Stempfle