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SESSION 3 – Early Treatment and Airway Considerations

• PHASE 1 TREATMENT PROTOCOL: “The Prefunctional Checklist”.
• EARLY TREATMENT – Prenatal to age 6/7. What you need to be concerned about and Tx at this age.
• Arch development phase 1 Tx, Mx first, when, how – (R.M.E. super screw and Korn Lip Bumper or B.P.S.L. brackets and CuNit wires).
• Early orthopedic correction of Class II with Kussick Bone Remodeller (compliant) or Jasper Vector Force (non-compliant).
• Early class III´s Dx and treatment planning (what about the vertical). Carriere type intervention without the expense and inventory.

** Early treatment cases will be presented in the clinic

Wellness and health: Exercise. The Nitric Oxide Dump. Feed your brain (Dr. Daniel Amen), 5G and Bioresonance.


3. Operating your Practice……Advice on how to operate your practice (Dr. Bond). Setting up your office; consideration on Practice Location (Rural can be attractive).

On completion of this session the participant will be able to appreciate:
. How phased treatment can help eliminate the need for extraction.
. How airway assessment and treatment is tantamount to successful orthodontic stability and a more normalized growth pattern.
. What appliances are more successful in early treatment and how to use and select them.
. When to treat Class II´s and Class III´s early.

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Early Treatment and Airway Considerations

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