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SESSION 2 – Bracketing and Diagnosis

• The six keys to normal occlusion.
• What systems, When to use different bracketing systems…Tip, Torque. Do you know the script, Doctor?
• Mini Rickette´s, Twin Edgewise or Biopassive Self-Ligation System (Forestadent S.L. – Damon without the expense. Do you really need to stock high, low, medium torque prescriptions?
• Placing brackets at the next level considering the face esthetics, smile arc, tooth exposure (after Dr. Pitts).
• Flip and switch and why you don´t need multiple prescriptions; common bracketing errors.
• Instrumentation for bracketing; placing brackets on models.
• Treatment planning for the ceph and pan. Overview of Owen´s analysis.

** Over the shoulder bracketing in the clinical settings. (Mixed dentition 2×4 adult Biopassive self-ligating case.

Wellness and health: What & How & When to eat and drink – the Keto lifestyle.


2. Buying a Practice……The process and where to start; Determining the Value of a practice; Financing a purchase.

On completion of this session the participant will be able to demonstrate:
. What the requirements are for optimum occlusion and healthy joint. What to look for when diagnosing and treatment planning for the pan and ceph.
. What instruments are needed to bracket cases?
. The difference between bracket systems and how to minimize inventory.

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Bracketing and Diagnosis

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