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Session 1 – Getting started: Introduction to CSW Program

• RECORDS…models, photos, clinical exam, ”The Chart” Pan ,Ceph, Case Selection, McNamara’s DX
• Mounting Models …When , How, Why, Facebow , Leaf Gauge ,Pankey Ant. Jig, why start in C.R.?
• Dx the Face (macro-esthetics),the Smile (Mini-esthetics), the Teeth & Gums (Micro-esthetics)
• Patient Education materials,course text “Common Sense Mechanics” by Mulligan
• Patient Taught in a lecture & Clinical setting on actual patients: THE NUANCES of the complete examine chairside, completing the chart, models, facebow, bite registration,leaf guage, mounting models, photos, explanation of consultation apt that follows records apt.
• WELLNESS & HEALTH: SUGAR is more addictive than Cocaine, The MICROBIOME (Feed your GUT , feed your BRAIN) * YOU HAVE TO BE HEALTHY TO PERFORM WELL & HELP OTHERS


1. Completed your DDS degree, Now What? ………..Should I INCORPORATE? (The Benefits and Consideration) Create your team of Professionals…..Financial Advisor, Accountant, Lawyer, Banking Advisors.

On completion of this session the participant will be able to:
. Understand what records are required for a comprehensive Ortho examine
. Be able to procure the ortho models in C.R., photos & clinical medical and dental records.
. Appreciate the CSW Chart system.
. Start to diagnose cases from a clinical, and cephalometric prospective.
. Begin to understand what healthy eating means for you & your patients.

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Getting started: Introduction to CSW PROGRAM

Bracketing and Diagnosis

Early Treatment and Airway Considerations

Phase 2 Treatment, Teens and Adults – Class II Correction

Treatment Protocol for the Damon Philosophy. Retention and case finishing “The Protocols”