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Session 1: Getting started: Introduction to CSW PROGRAM

Session 2: Bracketing and Diagnosis

Session 3: Early Treatment and Airway Considerations

Session 4: Phase 2 Treatment, Teens and Adults – Class II Correction

Session 5: Treatment Protocol for the Damon Philosophy. Retention and case finishing “The Protocols”

Dr. Rob Bond graduated from the U of T in 1970 I have been teaching Ortho to G.P.’s and Pedodontist for 37 yrs with Dr. AL Macdonald . I have limited my G.P. practice to Ortho & TMD since2003. I am a member of the Toronto crown and bridge study club, an I.A.O. fellow and instructor, and mentor to the Erwood Orthodontic Study Club, founding member of The Dental Diagnostic Study Club of Ontario, past member of the American Equilibration Society and co-founder of Comprehensive Straight Wire and Functional Orthopedic Programme.