SESSION 2: Learn Cephalometrics, Diagnostic System

Session 2

Session 2

• Cephalometrics and its importance
• Cephalometric data interpretation

Modified Steiner & Macnamara
• Cephalometric Tracing:
• Landmarks
• Measurements
• Recording of data

Diagnostic System
• Chevron System

Complete Diagnostic Records
• Cephalometric radiograph & tracing
• Panoramic or full series radiographs:
• Study models in centric relation and centric occlusion
• Medical / Dental history
• Intra-oral & extra-oral photos
• Thorough intra-oral examination
• Incorrect records and the resultant effort
• Cephalometric equipment and manufacturers
• Nomenclature
• Introduction to mechanics and treatment planning
• Confirmation of next session’s dates & materials that will be required & reading assignment
• At least 2 individual case diagnosis of permanent and or mixed dentition

Upon completion of this session, the participant will be able to demonstrate:
• Lateral skull cephalometric anatomical parts of reference
• Horizontal and vertical cephalometric plains of reference
• Ability to measure, analyse and compare findings to norms to ascertain skeletal and dental dysplasia
• The initial understanding of Moments of Force

20 AGD Credits per Session, 15 RCDSO “Category 2” CE per Session