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Dear Doctor,

Are you prepared for the drastic changes in the new millennium? There will be no tooth decay. Periodontal disease will be drastically reduced or controlled by hygiene therapists. Can you depend on maintenance care and implantology? What services are left? Who should be your target market?

This is the most Comprehensive Fixed and Interceptive Orthodontic course today. Ten sessions spread over 2 years. Extensive sessional manuals with step by step procedures.

This course is for both those doctors who are new to orthodontics and also for experienced doctors who are tired of not being able to finish their cases.

These Comprehensive Sessions will be honest and frank, and lead the General and Paediatric Dentist to the realization of the truth about orthodontic functional appliances and fixed mechanics.

We run both an American orthodontic seminar and a Canadian orthodontic seminar, specializing in functional orthodontic courses.



Both Doctors…

  • Are senior certified instructors for the International Academy of Orthodontics

  • Have lectured throughout Canada, U.S. and Mexico.

  • Have provided orthodontic education for the hundreds of general and pediatric dentists.

  • If you would like to include orthodontic procedures in your practice, then seriously consider this valuable course.



The strength of the general and paedodontic practice of dentistry continues to flow from the increasing number of practitioners who never cease educating themselves. The indications are that the family dentist is clearly broadening the scope of his or her practice to include more often interceptive treatment of malocclusions in children. This scope has also enlightened the treating of their adult patients as well.

It is in view of such needs that specific, well-organized programs have been developed. Drs. Bond and Macdonald have personally been involved in the organizing and teaching of such programs since the late seventies. These “two-year programs” have reached a stage of implementation that allows for a concisely organized presentation that will allow the participants to expand their knowledge of orthodontics through the use of what is felt to be the most innovative and successful form of orthodontics: The Straight Wire System. And we now include what we feel are the best Functional Orthopedic Appliances.



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